• Get original music composed and arranged for songs, ballads, poetry etc. custom tailored to bring the best of your voice forth, with a unique sound to establish a distinguished brand for your tracks.
  • All services from recording to music arrangement to mixing are taken care of.
  • Lyrics can be provided on request.

Bespoke Music for Production Houses

  • Whether you’re a production house that produces commercial films, a short film production unit, a web-series production house, a branding agency or a content producer of any kind, getting unique, premium quality royalty-free music that suits your exact specific requirements can often be a challenge.
  • With our services you get access to sui generis expertise in generating second-by-second, customized music to convey a specific feeling/message, to depict a scenario or to provide background support to all kind of visuals.

Background Scores

  • Relevant, moving, impactful background scores for a wide variety of genres and categories of visuals is something we’re known for.
  • Producing theme-based tracks are also something we thrive in. Do listen to some of the background tracks provided on this website and how they co-relate to their titles to get a better idea.
  • Be it documentary films, animated content, ads, jingles or any kind of sound effect, all your background music needs are met seamlessly, here.

News Channels

  • With over 12 years of hands on experience working with a variety of news as well as other categories of television channels, we know exactly what you need.
  • We provide original, royalty-free music for montages, title-tracks, sound-effects and background scores for all kinds of shows.

Advertising Agencies

  • Hunting for just-the-right kind of music is an all-time occupation for agencies. We offer original music custom tailored to suit the specific needs of your clients which removes the headache of the hunt and provides high-quality music to suit your specific needs.
  • We can provide royalty-free music with perpetual ownership rights.

Music and sound libraries

  • Get an extensive variety of original, royalty-free samples created in all kinds of genres.
  • We specialize in Indian, world, fusion music and can also provide Neo-Indian sound tracks of all durations.
  • We can provide royalty-free music with perpetual ownership rights.

Artists and Instrumentalists

  • Get tracks produced and arranged with original music and sound support, with all needs like recording, music arrangement, mixing, taken care of.
  • Sound design can accentuate both the melody and the technique of your work and make it a complete, market-ready, professional music album or even currently trending solo tracks.
  • We will help you record your tracks professionally, arrange other sound-effects and music for those tracks and take care of the mixing as well to present a nonpareil professional output.

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